10 best native ad networks

Nowadays people prefer attractive, informative, non-intrusive types of online advertisements. So here come the native ads. They don’t look like typical online ads but appear as an inherent part of the website you’re scrolling through. Native ads are paid content displayed on the websites with similar themes, so they are not annoying and ensure that the user is most likely going to be interested in them. Native ad networks exist to help to connect advertisers and publishers. Here is the list of top 10 native ad networks to help you find a placement for your ad or ad publisher.


Revcontent is a huge native ad network that’s consistently growing. You don’t have to pay any entrance fee but it operates on a 20% revenue share model. It works with many famous publishers and successfully operates in many industries. Revcontent has responsive widgets, API customization options, powerful targeting and much more.


Taboola pays a lot of attention to their users’ feedback. It has a huge pool of high quality publishers such as BBC, NBC New, Boston Globe, TMZ, and Chicago Tribune but they can be accessed by smaller companies through higher CPC bids. You can publish articles, slideshows or videos with the help of Taboola.


Outbrain is one of the first native ad networks still successfully operating with big and small names in the publishing business to help brands distribute their content to wider audiences. Outbrain values the quality of the ad foremost. It requires a $10 daily spend and functions via a CPC model.


MGID provides exceptional opportunities to target your audience. It operates with huge brand managers, affiliates, media buyers, online retailers, and publishers. It works with different devices and platforms delivering all types of ads. Also, the support team is always ready to help.


Triplelift works on CPM basis and connects advertisers and publishers through DSP. It specializes in helping you create attractive, engaging ads that will result in a better customer conversion. It allows advertisers to leverage their existing buying platforms for accessing premium, in-feed native ads. You will be getting full tech support and the ability to implement any changes you want.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo ad service – Yahoo Gemini allows you to post your native ads on different websites, email services and browsers. You will have exceptional targeting settings that you can further monitor for full statistics. The platform has a strict campaign approval policy though.

Native Ads

Native Ads is fully compatible with Google AdSense making it the most popular premium ad network. It is fully stable and secure, however it doesn’t offer high rates per click. You will also have to go through an approval process before launching an ad campaign.


AdNow offers its large pool of widget-based native ads for the publishers’ websites. It has an easy approval process and accepts most of the applicants. AdNow lets you put an ad widget anywhere on your content and works best for mid-sized publishers.


Content.ad has a huge pool of publishers and advertisers. The approval process is the easiest among all other networks so you are almost guaranteed to fit in.


Using Earnify you will have full control, superior targeting, high-quality traffic, fast payments and unbeatable revenue shares. It operates on CPA basis and gives you a real-time statistics. It works best for high traffic sites as the minimum payout threshold is $20.

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