3 best paid URL shorteners

Pretty much everyone has probably seen short kind of weird-looking links on various social media like Instagram or Facebook. When you click on that link you discover that it takes you to a regular website whose domain name is totally different from what the link said. Don’t be alarmed – those are short URLs. These links are generated by many URL shorteners online. And while most people think that the purpose of short URLs is to deliver convenience to viewers, not many know that you can actually make money off of short URLs. Just find a paid URL shortener you like, paste the link you want to shorten, copy the short link and post it on your blog, website or social media account. When people click the link you will get money added to your account. No tech skills or large amounts of time required! Here are the top paying URL shorteners on the web.

MiniURL.io paid link shortener

MiniURL is one of the most lucrative URL shorteners. Once you create the link using this platform and post it on the internet, you will make 250 dollars for every 10,000 views the link gets. A great feature of this platform is that when the same person views the link multiple times you will still get paid for each of those views. You can also refer other people to the platform and you will make 20% of what that person earns for as long as they use the platform. The minimum payout is only 5 dollars, so you can start slow and figure out your new online gig as you go without losing money.

LinkzFly paid URL shortener

LinkzFly makes it super easy for you to shorten links and make money. This link shortening tool is completely free and it actually pays you quite a bit for the views that your links get. The payout is anywhere from 3.50 to 12.50 dollars for every 1000 views depending on the location of the people who use the links. You can get paid via PayPal, bank transfer, UPU, Skrill and more with only a 5 dollar payout threshold. The payments go out daily, so you won’t have to wait a long time for your cash. Just like MiniURL this platform offers a 20% referral bonus, so don’t forget to tell all your friends about LinkzFly. LinkzFly gives you a personal account where you can view detailed statistics about people who view your links, allowing you to improve your strategy and increase your earnings.


Shortzon is relatively new but highly trusted and loved URL shortener. You can expect you make 120 dollars for 10,000 views if you’re located in India, people in other countries can make up to 24 dollars per CPM. You need to accumulate at least 3 dollars in your account in order to get paid. Payments go out daily through PayPal. The best thing is that you can use this platform anywhere in the world, even in countries where other URL shorteners are banned. The platform also has tech support available 24/7 if you run out into issues.

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