How to Start a Network Marketing Blog

How to Start a Network Marketing Blog

Nowadays we have so many new areas of work and blogging is one of them. reports that amount of bloggers in the USA will grow up to over 30 millions by 2020. Actually, the field is not very difficult and, if used wisely, can be a great source of sharing your experience in network marketing.

Here are some key concepts network marketing bloggers should keep to make their pet project successful and profitable:

1 First think, then do
In other words, before posting anything you should think why, for what purpose you want blogging. It can be some education of your readers, what your company is about. As a strong marketing tool it can even rise conversions of your products.

2 Content is the king
Mind your posts, they should reflect and correspond to your goals and purposes.
The only advice here is:
Be understandable, easy to read, up-to-date and useful.

3 Advertise your blog
The more people start reading you, the better – as a marketer you certainly know it perfectly well. Here some ad networks for bloggers that can be used either on the start or in future:
Social media
It is pretty difficult now to find a person who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Log in a post a small message about your project, add an attractive picture and, of course, don’t forget the link to your resource.

Friends’ network
There can be hardly anything easier than asking help from your relatives, friends or colleagues. Share a link to your blog or write a letter describing your project and ask them to post it on their pages in social media. By doing so, you can attract more people out of your circle.

Blogging community
You are not the only one who have started a network marketing blog. There are certainly a number of people who think and work in the same area. Comment on their post: give feedback, ask questions, offer suggestions etc. Please, mind: you should tell in your comments that you also work in this field, simple link sharing, calls to visit your pages will cause a negative reaction only.

These variants are the first and simplest to implement, they don’t pretend to become best ad networks for bloggers, but at least you know where to start.

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