How works ad serving platforms for publisher and advertiser

How works ad serving platforms for publisher and advertiser

Making money from advertising is not a single action. Webmasters should timely check the efficiency of their inventory being used, i.e. some ads are to be replaced, edited or deleted – that’s the time when online ad serving is there for.

Everything starts with ad servers

Their main function is to store the ads and then display them on one or more websites to attract and target users.

Ad servers for advertisers and publishers are different, the reason here is quite simple – their aims and methods of working with ads are different. In the second case ad serving platforms offer detailed reports and forecasts for the campaign, as well as different tools for targeting, time estimation and adjusting the ads for different devices.

Advertisers in their work will mainly need means to estimate to track the level of creativity and efficiency of the campaign.

What are the best ad servers for advertisers?

The question itself sounds a bit strange as it would sound the same as what is the best beer in the world? A lot depends on your needs and tastes.

Nowadays the market is so big so everyone with different types of ads – video, banners, rich media can find suitable serving platforms.

Those who prefer self-hosted ad servers may save some money for third-party’s service (but we wouldn’t be so sure), but should be ready to deal with all (we mean, really ALL) problems on your own. Hosted platforms require some fee for using their space and powers, but they also offer powerful tech support and big knowledgebase that can be really important on the start of your deeping into the issue.

A piece of advice we give to newbies – track how your rivals from the same area and goals solve this problem – may be their idea will suit to you, too?

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