Ad Viewability: the Next Major Shift in the AdTech Industry

People are very creative creatures. Creativity is shown in many different ways and one of them is to make life simpler. Thus, the civilization is developing very fast. In a business direction too. In less than one century, we came from newspaper advertising to ads on the internet and now we are trying to improve advertising in every way possible. And so one interesting feature was created – ad viewability. It is the great progress in this area that will help every businessman understand advertising stats better. And, for the beginning players on the market, I’ll explain what Ad viewability is and why is it so good.

Viewability is an indicator that shows a real appearance of the advertisement for user which helps to know that your ad have been really seen. It is a brand-new trend on in the area of advertising. Viewability gives the most exact and real numbers of your ad’s efficiency. The best proof of Viewability status is that such media giants Facebook and Google will use its stats and standards to create new conditions for advertisers. They are planning to have 100% square of an ad displayed. Now, the main stipulation for a view to be counted is that it has to be seen for more, than 1 second and the square of banner must be seen for more, than 65% by the rule of GroupM or, by the standard of IAB, it has to be displayed for longer than 1 second and more than 50% of its square.

Earlier, advertising’s display was counted by the number of code’s loadings. And today, with Viewability, display counts only if the user sees advertising. Here are the reasons of why user can’t see advertisement to fully understand the situation and to answer on all the questions about Viewability’s counting technology:

  • Banner was shown, but user haven’t scrolled down to it or scrolled to the right/left. Simply said, it was out of sight.
  • Advertising haven’t downloaded and user left the website.
  • Adblock
  • Browser doesn’t have the necessary plugins to see ad
  • The website is being visited by bot. It can be seen by the enormous speed of scrolling and reading the information – under 1 second. 

Viewability advantages:

  • Guaranteed display of advertisement
  • Precise numbers and graphics of ad’s efficiency
  • Innovative way of controlling ads

Despite being such a good program, you should not overuse it like any other similar program like, for example, CTR because there are many cheaters who use bots and can play with your numbers as they want. With high technological development comes high hacking and cheating development. It is like a virus: People create medicine from one disease, nature decides to create a new one. 

Anyway, everyone should use Viewability more and more but, also, keep in touch with other programs. And don’t forget: this feature won’t solve all the problems for you. You still have a huge responsibility for your business and need to manage its every aspect right. But, anyway, we can say without a doubt that Ad Viewability is a new giant step in marketing and advertising area.

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