Advertisers vs publishers

Advertisers vs publishers

Newbies in marketing may feel a bit lost with all that stuff, but what you should understand at once are main figures in the game. Here they are!

Who are publishers and advertisers in marketing?

They are main characters that make all the buzz. If you have some space on your website and want to earn some money from it – you are certainly a publisher. Is there a free alternative to this participant? Well, yes, people may join affiliate networks or ask friends to post their ads in change of some service or just good will, but it may be not so effective. Advertising platform, like Google or Facebook, is an excellent example of a publisher.

So, if there is somebody who posts the ads, there should be a player who has created them to promote his company or business – it is an advertiser. It can be either a private person or a huge company, like Nestle or Toyota as well as family-run business.

In advertising publishers and advertisers cannot live without each other, the same as shops can’t exist without buyers. For market people their main object – is a user, consumer, for whom all the ads are created and posted.

Some more participants

Publishers and advertisers only sometimes discuss terms and conditions with each other directly. It is time-consuming and may be a good option, if you have only one business partner. But what will you if there are 10 of them, working in different time zones – they deal seems to be more complicated. Advertising platforms were created for this purpose – they have conditions, terms of payment and all other stuff written beforehand for each party. Anyone can join at any moment in time and start the campaign by a click of mouse. Generally, such systems provide detailed reporting system with personal assistants who can help to understand all the issues. Of course, they ask some money for their service, but they solve so many issues that is really worth it.

In the world of marketing the figures are so rapidly changing, appearing new once, but it is unlikely that publishers and advertisers on websites will ever vanish.

What do you think, who else is inevitable figure in advertising?

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