Best Android Time Tracking Apps

For every human, the most valuable resource for every task in their life is time. Without the control of time, everything will be extremely chaotic. Luckily, with today’s technologies, it is much easier to deal with all kinds of problems, including time management. Time tracking apps are the perfect option for people who struggle to have stable routine and to do everything in time. For this list we are taking mobile apps for Android operating system. So, here are top applications for Android that will make your life better.


This is one of the most popular time tracking apps in the world. It was created even before the development of mobile devices, in 2006. Harvest allows to set up unlimited number of projects and to control them, but only if you will have a personal monthly subscription, which costs $12/month. Also, you may have a team subscription, to manage collective projects. It allows 2+ people to use the same profile. The subscription costs $12 per person/month. And, of course, you can use it for free, but you will be able to have only 2 projects. Nonetheless, Harvest is integrated with more than 100 apps, and calculates all your results to give you precise statistics about your projects.


This is not a simple application. You can even call it personalized, because it will be your boss that controls your every single move. It works in the background mode and controls all the time that you spend on using different apps. After that, it will give you report about the time you’ve wasted and you will be very impressed. In a bad way. You will immediately have a wish to delete some of the most useless, but the most time-consuming apps on your phone. With this app, you can also create a restriction on entering the website.

You can have free version, pay for a solo membership $6/month, or have a collective subscription with paying $6 per person/month.


Well, this is an iconic time tracking app. You can set the timer for every task and turn it off after accomplishing the goal. This will give you some kind of competitive spirit and a wish to be better. Also, you can find out about productivity with different diagrams, charts. Clear interface, integration with more than a hundred of other apps gives a lot of freedom in managing your time. You can buy premium version for $18/month, or have a starter pack for $9/month.


Tmetric is one of the best options for people who want to be in harmony with their life.  This app really fits for different interactions with your colleagues. Tmetric has many tools for cooperating with each other, and is integrated with lots of other apps. Nonetheless, this option is great not only because of the wide number of tools and possibilities, but also because of its price, that is definitely lower than average. You can have a professional subscription for $5/month, or business one for $7/month.


Tick is a quite unusual time tracking app. The thing is, you pay here not for every user, but for every project. It is very useful for massive cooperative interactions. Also, it will show the stats of every person, client and paid & unpaid hours.

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