Best free SERP tracking software

It’s not a secret that the goal of any internet business is making a profit. Whether you run a company that sells products and services, or maybe you have a blog where you sell ads to make a profit, you are probably always looking for ways to make more money. When it comes to online businesses, there’s one key thing that directly influences how much money you are making – your website’s ranking in the search engine results. Bringing your website to the top of those results is the best and most reliable way to get more clients or get more viewers to bring up your ad revenue. If you can get you site to the top and keep it there, you can make a lot of money without having to plan and pay for marketing campaigns and influencer posts. The first step to taking your website to the top is knowing how to track your SERPS – your position in the search engine results page. Here are the best tools you can use:

The SEOBook Rank Checker SERP tool

This is an amazing and easy to use tool for busy individuals who always like to keep an eye on their business. The SEOBook Rank Checker is actually a plug-in for your Firefox browser, so you can always check your rankings on the go. When you open the tool you will see a list of keywords and domain names and their rankings. The only downside of this tool is that it only shows rankings if the page is in the top 200 results.

SERPs Tool from SearchMetrics

This tool from SearchMetrics is great for those who don’t mind creating an account on the platform. Without an account you can only track your website’s SERPs by 5 keywords. Once you create an account, which is free, by the way, you will be able to track as many keywords as you want and see how your website’s rankings have changed over time. You can also get lots of useful info for your ad campaigns using this tool.

SEO Administrator Free SERP Tracker

The ranking tracker from SEO Administrator is great for people who are interested in lesser known search engines like MSN search or AltaVista. But you can also track your rankings in the popular search engines like Google. This is a software-based platform, once you download and install the program you can input your website address and keywords and track your SERPs.


If you love what Google Analytics has to offer but worry about Google collecting your data or giving you inaccurate results regarding your website’s SERPs, CrawlTrack will be perfect for you. The information this platform offers is very similar to that of Google Analytics but you can be certain that you’re getting your data from an impartial third party. The platform offers many other services in addition to a rank tracker, so be sure to check them out.

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