Best time tracking apps for your Mac

I can confidently declare, that most people are procrastinators. I agree, it is uneasy to start doing something, especially when it is important. But there are many things to avoid the doom of procrastination. One of them is time tracking apps. These wonderful programs will help you to control all your tasks, manage your time better and calculate the efficiency of your actions. This is the list of the best and most effective time tracking apps. As a platform, we’ve decided to choose Mac.


Let’s start with a simple app that is very efficient for people who work offline. It has all the needed elements of time-trackers like timer, different charts and diagrams. Also, the program will see all the time that you’ve spent on distractions like social networks, videos etc. OfficeTime has the function of synchronizing, but if you want to safely track everything offline – it is also possible. OfficeTime will cost you $49.


This is one of the most popular time tracking programs. The tool was mainly developed for freelancers and individual entrepreneurs, although Toggl also allows you to track the activity of an entire team of employees. Toggl is a tool that will provide you some flexibility in organizing tracking. A simplified interface, in which it is possible to distribute tasks within the framework of projects, quickly select customers, including creating projects and adding clients without leaving the taskbar. One of the best things about Toggl is that free version is not useless. For many people it can have everything they want. But, if you need more possibilities, then it will cost you $9/user per month or $18/user per month.


Harvest time tracker is more suitable for freelancers and remote teams; it has such useful functions like cost tracking function, built-in account creation function, including support for PayPal Business Payments. There are also many integrations with third-party tools, including project management, account creation, CRM, customer support, developer tools, etc. Time is tracked with the help of web browser. There is a possibility to see track your spendings. Of course, you can create different projects by yourself, or with your team.

Harvest has free version, but it is available only for 1 person per app and 2 projects. “Solo” costs $12/month and gives you unlimited number of projects. “Team” subscription also grants the infinite amount of projects, and it will cost $12/month per each person.


Tick is a great option for people who are afraid of “per person” pricing policies. It takes money only for projects and the number of participants is simply unlimited. The interface is clear and simple. Also, Tick grants you with an information about clients, people from your team and paid & unpaid hours. So, if you are a big team and search for the cheapest option – this one is for you. As mentioned earlier, the prices depend on the number of projects. 10 projects cost $19 per month, 30 projects – $39 per month and so on.

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