Top blog post title generators

Giving your blog post a catchy title is the most important part of writing an article – you want to grasp people’s attention and make them want to actually read it, which is not an easy task given the sheer amount of information we have access to today. If you don’t think you’re creative enough to come up with great blog post titles or maybe you’re just tired of spending time on writing those titles, why not try a blog post title generator? These useful tools have gotten insanely good over the past few years and they can help you easily find great titles for your blog posts.

Blog Topic Generator from HubSpot

This simple tool from HubSpot is crazy easy to use – it is the perfect choice for when you need to get a good title quickly without going through pages of choices. All you need to do is open the website, enter a keyword for your title and press enter – the tool will generate five unique blog post titles. You can try different keywords if you don’t like the first five titles you get.

Awesome Title Generator

If you want to get lots and lots of choices for the title of your new video, social media post, blog article and more, try out Awesome Title Generator. When you input just one keyword this platform generates hundreds of unique catchy blog post titles using its templates. After a few minutes of scrolling you’re bound to find the perfect blog title.

Link Bait Generator

Have you ever seen an article or a video with a title so catchy that you absolutely had to click on it even though you didn’t really care about the topic? Have you ever wished you could come up with blog titles that are that good? Well, now you don’t have to because Link Bait Generator will do it for you. Simply type in a key word or phrase, choose whether the noun is singular or plural and click the button to generate the title. The tool will generate only one title at a time, so if you really like the one you got but you want to see other options, copy it somewhere so you don’t lose it.

Fatjoe Title Generator

Fatjoe Title Generator is another easy-to-use and intuitive title creator that gives you lots of winning options for naming your articles. It works just like other tools – you just enter a keyword or two and the program generates a title. You can also use an awesome button that will create a 100 new titles for you in a fraction of a second so you can be certain that the one you end up choosing is the best article title out there.

Backlink Generator

This is a 100 percent free blog title generator tool that you can use without registering. You can just open the site, enter your keywords and the algorithm will create more than 200 catchy article titles that will attract more viewers than you’ve ever had before.

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