5 best bulk email campaign services

You may think that bulk marketing emails to customers are an ineffective form of advertisement. However, the numbers say the opposite, as the average return on investment for email marketing is over 4300 percent! It’s doubtful that you can find results like this in any other branch of marketing. Plus, email marketing doesn’t take much time, effort or money and it gives you lots of control. The key to running a successful email blast campaign is choosing a great email marketing service provider. The key things you should be looking for are an easy to use interface that will let you create engaging emails, easy and precise targeting set up and personalization and an affordable price. Here are our top picks when it comes to direct email marketing services.

Constant Contact email marketing service

If you’re new to the world of email marketing Constant Contact should be high up on your list of choices because it is very user-friendly even for beginner email marketers and it’s also one of the largest bulk email services out there. There are many 24/7 customer service options including chat, email, call or even community support. You Constant Contact account will allow you to easily create and modify email lists, create templates, put together marketing calendars for your campaigns and more. You can also track you emails’ performance, integrate them with ads on Facebook, share email campaigns on social media and more. You can try out this service for free for 2 months and then subscribe for one of the plans that start from 20 dollars a month.

Drip bulk email service

Drip is one of the leaders in the email marketing game. Their advantages over competition include a high degree of intelligent market automation, which separates your subscribers into groups by various parameters and sends them different emails in accordance with those parameters. Their emailing platform can be integrated with most website builders, which means you can put email sign up pages on your website and more. The platform also has lots of courses and training materials to help you with marketing campaign automation. If you have less than 100 email subscribers, you can use Drip for free, if you have more than that, you would have to pay 49 dollars per month for the full version of the tool.

SendinBlue automated email marketing service

This platform is perfect for those who want to create stylish and creative emails but don’t have much experience with digital design, as it offers easy to use drag-and-drop tools. You can use SendinBlue to send both marketing and transactional emails, plus, their artificial intelligence algorithms can help figure out the best time to send the emails so the largest number of subscribers actually read them. You can opt to use this platform for free if you want to send less than 300 emails a day (the emails will have a SendinBlue logo), or you can choose of the paid accounts that start at 25 dollars a month.

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