How to create a squeeze page or a landing page for free

Squeeze page hosting

Before we get into platforms and tools you can use to create a landing page for free we need to talk about the two types of hosting for landing or squeeze pages. Any landing page can be hosted either on a third party server or it can be self-hosted. Landing pages are normally hosted on third party servers if you use services like Wix or WordPress to build them. Self-hosted squeeze pages are hosted on the same server as the rest of your website unless you used one of those services to build your website. On one hand, landing pages hosted on third party websites are very simple to create. On the other hand, you are pretty restricted in what you can do with the page to customize it, so the choice is yours. Our selection of landing page creators has both hosting options.

Wix squeeze page creator

Wix is one of the most popular website design platforms out there, it is a template-based drag-and-drop website editor. This platform offers around 30 different landing page templates, making it easy to design a free squeeze page. The platform has a free package and several paid options. The free version only allows you to use 500MB of space, which may not be enough if you want to include lots of videos and images on your landing page. If you want more features and freedown with your Wix squeeze page, upgrade to one of the paid packages, which start from just 5 dollars per month. Wix landing pages are hosted exclusively on their own servers.

IncomePress squeeze page generator

As stated above, IncomePress is a landing page generator. It is probably not going to produce the perfect landing page you’ve been envisioning but if you’re looking for a platform that will create a landing page for you without much effort needed on your part, this is the perfect tool. All you need to do is choose one of the landing page templates, choose the niche for your business, paste a link to a photo or video that you want to use on the squeeze page, fill out a couple of forms and that’s it! The landing page will be created for you in form of an HTML document that you will need to upload to your website, the landing page will then be hosted by you.


Ucraft is a landing page creator tool with free and paid versions. The free version allows you to create one landing page from one of the 16 templates available. You can link the squeeze page to your own domain if you want but the landing page will have a Ucraft watermark on it. The premium package will cost you 8 dollars a month and will allow you to create as many pages as you want for one website and give you access to other features as well.


This platform is another squeeze page builder that works similarly to other page creators on this list but it has several advantages, such as more flexibility when it comes to customization of the page’s design. The platform allows you to build 10 pages for free and host them on ONTRApages servers for free or you can go with the paid version and get access to more features.

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