Demand Side Platform

Demand Side Platform

Automation comes to many areas of our life and advertising is not an exception. Programmatic is very trendy now, a lot of people are talking about DSP. So, it’s time to make its meaning clear and why it is important in advertising.

What does dsp stand for?

Demand Side Platform was designed to sell ads in auction automated fashion, i.e. without humans. The technology took a lot from traditional advertising networks, but dsp platform is different in the treatment of displaying the ads. The ads people see are more personalized, to be more detailed, the platform checks person’s behaviour like location, age, previously opened pages and some other factors.

One more important we should mention to define dsp in full is that you will need only one tool to run all your campaigns. Centralization makes the process simpler, user-friendlier and less time-consuming.

Those who are limited in budgets should obligatory what dsp means as it is direct process to save your money. The point is that prices for ads sold by networks will be higher than at dsp. The latter ones give you an option what is maximum cost you are ready to spend for each particular user.

Future of advertising

It would be wrong to say that good old networks are dieing out. As any living creature they have to come to terms with new marketing rules. It can be easily said that networks gave basement for dsp and now try on new features their “child” has obtained.

It may safely be said that programmatic and dsp is a new round of digital advertising that minimizes human interference, what, to say the truth, will lead to less errors and more correct displays. The amount of people involved will be less, but routine work will be fully automated and marketers will have more time to optimize and polish the system to a new level.

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