Display banner ads

What are digital display ads?

Display ads, or banner ads are one of the types of internet advertising. It is basically a banner with whatever image, text or video you choose that appears in some part of a web page. This type of ads is usually pay-per-click, which means you only pay for the ad if someone clicks on it instead of simply seeing it. These ads can appear on social media, blogs, gmail and other types of websites. You can set up the ad to be shown to a certain group of people, restricting their age, location, gender and even interests among other things. This ensures that the add is only seen by those people who are likely to be interested in your product.

How to create an effective display banner ad?

Display ad landing page

The most important part of a display ad is a call to action – you want to give every person who sees the ad a season to click on it and actually find what they are expecting on the landing page. Don’t set up your banner ad to take users to the main page of your website – this will frustrate most people and they will simply leave, which will waste your ad budget without bringing in returns. Instead, make sure that the landing page has the actual deal you promised users in your ad and that all the information is clear.

Use real-time bidding for online banner ads

Using real-time bidding and demand-side platforms can help you make your ads more effective and give you a higher return on investment. Essentially, these platforms gather information about a user and use that info to choose the best ad for this user. The ad is chosen from a pool of ads while the website is loading.

Design your banner ads thoughtfully

It is understandable that you want your banner ad to stand out on a website but make sure that the ad is not inappropriate, distracting or off-putting in any way. Instead, go with a simple, clean-cut design that’s visually appealing, has a clear message and looks catchy.

Build brand awareness

One of the main goals of all display ads is to build brand awareness – you want people who have seen your ads to remember your brand and to recognize it if they see it somewhere else. Make sure that you include your company’s name and logo in the ad and that just by looking at the ad people can get a clear understanding of what your company does.

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