Earn Big with Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost Affiliate Program is an opportunity for you to start making money online. Using affiliate programs is a great way to make big money without much effort online. Almost any web hosting company offers an affiliate program, however, the Bluehost program is the best and highest-paid. Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate Program is awesome and every blogger should use it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing means that website owners (often bloggers) promote third party products on their websites. When an internet user follows their recommendation and signs up or buys a third party product, the website owner get a reward. It either can be a cash award or some freebies and other things. You post a link to the advertiser’s website and when the user clicks on it, you receive your benefits. Different affiliate programs have different rates at which they pay for referrals. You basically do nothing but still earn money, isn’t it awesome?

How much does Bluehost pay to its affiliates per sale?

Bluehost Affiliate Program offers to pay as much as $65 commission for referrals. And it’s just for one sale from your account. It’s one of the highest-paying affiliate programs. Imagine how much you can earn if you make a couple more sales! Moreover, if you make 5-10 sales a month they can increase your commission to up to $125.

Why does Bluehost pay such a high commission to its affiliates?

$65 per sale might sound insane but it’s easy to explain. They only pay you once for a lifelong customer they receive. And although they don’t earn much from a customer in the very beginning, their earnings won’t stop any time soon. This client will be paying them in the upcoming years. So basically, Bluehost receives a steady lifelong income for just $65 that they pay you for referral. This strategy is profitable in the long run.

How are Bluehost sales tracked?

After you sign up for the Bluehost Affiliate Program you are provided with a unique affiliate link, that helps Bluehost track all the sales you’ve made. When your readers click on this link and go to the Bluehost’s website, the platform can track that it was from you. If the user buys their product, Bluehost can see that it was from your reference and count it to your account. It will send you an email confirming that the sale was made from you and then you get your reward.

How to sign-up for the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

It is extremely easy and quick to start using the Bluehost Affiliate Program. You need to have a PayPal account in order to get paid and a new partner is required to provide his tax information. Go to the Bluehost website, fill out all the necessary applications, get your approval and start your partnership.

You can withdraw Bluehost Affiliate Earnings via PayPal or wire transfer.

How to increase your Bluehost Affiliate Earnings?

  • Use banner ads
  • Write high-quality Bluehost reviews
  • Write instant reviews on all their sales and offers
  • Announce the prizes for every new customer
  • Run your affiliate campaign on social media
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