5 Best Free Domain Authority Checkers

Sometimes you need to use other websites in SEO efforts. However, you need to be sure those websites are worth your time and will only do good to you and not harm. You also want them to be as effective for your marketing campaign as possible. There is actually a website metric which is used to determine the domain level and ranking of a website on search engines, which is called Domain Authority. This article covers 5 best free domain authority checkers you can choose to use.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a Web Metric search engine developed by Moz to rank score ranging from 1-100. Higher score implies the greater ability of a website to rank better on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It’s used to compare one site to another. You will be able to see the pros and cons of collaborations with different websites with regard to multiple factors.

By improving your SEO strategies you can improve your Domain Authority score, which will help you get better collaborations.

You need to pay attention to the link profile of your website and do your best to get links from other high ranked pages. Here are the best page authority checkers:

  • Moz Link Explorer

Link Explorer is the best free tool to check domain authority. It is very easy to use for checking the domain authority of the website. Guest users only receive 3 reports a day, to get more you need to create an account on Moz. You will have a 30-day-free-trial and unlimited reports with other amazing metrics. Link Explorer is awesome for checking your website’s domain authority, page authority, inbound links, and link metrics.

  • Website Authority Checker

With Website Authority Checker by SEO Review Tools you can easily check Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website. It’s very easy to use and completely free. You will have the opportunity to check Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Social Shares altogether. You can find out your website age, URL age and backlinks your domain and page. It’s even possible to export the results to CSV format.

  • Domain-Authority Checker

Domain Authority Checker by Website SEO Checker is a fast and easy to use to check domain authority. It can help you figure out the strength, number of external backlinks to your website and the age of your website. You will also get the information about Dofollow and Nofollow links and their quality.

  • Domain-Authority Checker by Small SEO Tools

This tool works very fast. The free version allows you to check up to 10 domains at a time. It automatically generates a report that shows the strength of your website in search engines.

  • Bulk DA Checker

Free and easy in use Bulk DA Checker will allow you to check as many as 25 domains in a single go. It doesn’t require you to sign up, you just need to enter the URLs and click on “Find DA” buttons

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