How to make money on Quora?

Everyone knows what Quora is – you google some peculiar question and the first search results you see is from Quora where someone asked that same question and someone else gave a full detailed reply. It can be very useful and save you lots of time but did you know that you can also make money on this platform? Quora has a fairly straightforward partnership program where you can ask questions and if your question and the answer it gets meet the platform’s quality threshold and allows that page to get lots of traffic, you get paid.

How can I join Quora partner program?

You can only become a partner in Quora’s program if you are invited by the platform itself. Of course, you need to have a Quora account in order to get a chance to be invited. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between how active a person is on Quora and whether or not they get invited to become a partner, so even if you have an account but never ask or answer questions you can still get invited. Another caveat is that only residents of the United States who can legally work in the country can become partners but perhaps Quora will open up its program to other countries in the future.

How will I be paid through Quora partner program?

The only way to get paid for asking questions though Quora partnership program is through a Stripe account. When you first join the program you won’t be asked to link a Stripe account though, that option will appear once you make your first 5 dollars on the platform. However, you have to make a minimum of 10 dollars to actually get paid. In addition, there is absolutely no limit to how much money you can make with Quora, so if you are really good at asking questions that get lots of action you can potentially make lots of money.

How well does Quora partner program pay?

Unsurprisingly, the partnership program page on Quora is incredibly vague when it comes to this question. There are no specific amounts listed anywhere and people who are in the Quora program don’t seem eager to share how much they are making. All that Quora says about this matter on its website is that compensation for the question you ask depends on the number and quality of answers it gets and the amount of traffic the question attracts. There are a few things that we need to note about this though. First of all, no matter ho

w great the question you’ve asked is, you will only make money on it for 4 weeks after you post it even though it will remain on the platform and make money for Quora much longer. Secondly, Quora retains the right to moderate and merge questions in any way it sees fit. They can merge questions that are similar to each other, diminishing the amount of money you might make from your question. As for moderation, the question might be modified or removed altogether if it doesn’t seem good enough to the moderator ot if it is somehow undesirable for the platform.

So how much does Quora partner program pay? It’s hard to say as there isn’t really any concrete information available but we suspect that unless you’re willing to spend hours every day on asking questions, you will make some pocket money but not much more.

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