5 types of online ads

Nowadays, internet is becoming more and more popular. The market is simply monopolized by him. Also, most of the elements of business are being already used in the international net. For example, advertising. It much more profitable to post ads on the internet, than in newspaper or anywhere else besides the internet. Another advantage of the internet advertising is vast variety. There are many types of it and which one to use is for you to decide. Here are some types of ads, 5, to be exact, that will help you understand today’s  market.

Display advertising

Display advertising is one of the most popular and traditional advertisements today – video, audio, banners, images – these are the types of display ads. In the right hands, it can bring a lot of income. Display advertising is usually very notable and helps to support brand’s popularity, but people will click on it only if they are target audience. Without right targeting strategy there will be no seeable success. The payment is usually committed for time of placing an ad, not for the number of clicks.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective ads. It is a form of targeted advertising that will show to user ads, based on his interests and content of the website. Main advantage, of course, is a target-based strategy of placing ads. It gives a higher chance that the product will wake client’s interest. The payment is committed for the clicks, so that you’ll have to pay for the exact result. But the price of contextual advertising is often very high, so be ready to clean your purse.

Viral advertising

This is the least annoying type of ad for internet users because they are usually concentrated on creating popular video/audio/picture content. For example, famous ad of Old Spice which happened to be a meme for a very continuous time. In most of the cases, the spending on this type of ad is low because you spend money only on making it. Then you post it on any social network possible and users will be interested in it because it is funny. The hardest aspect of making these ads is to be sure, that they will be viral. And don’t forget to put a link in the description, so people can check what this product is.

Teaser advertising

Teaser advertising is very alike to display advt but teasers contain provocative and loud titles, what makes them less clickable and less popular and the attitude to this type is not very good, I would say bad. But if you have a beginning business and need a cheap promotion, go for it. There’s always someone who is clicking on these ads.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and tolerate ways to promote product because it is not very annoying and, with the right strategy, you will be rewarded. Nowadays, it is used with already existing audience but it can also be used to create new clients. Just don’t annoy them with populist and nontrivial titles, try to write everything with soul. Think about all the reasons why people send them to spam and try to convince them that it is worth following and reading.

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