Top 5 prize ideas for contests and giveaways

Social media contests have become one of the easiest, and often one of the cheapest, ways to gain lots of new followers and eventually customers. If you’re thinking of holding a contest on your website or one of your social media pages soon but don’t know what to give away as a prize, we are here to help. Below you will find lots of great ideas that won’t break your bank.

Before we get into actual examples of prizes, you need to know the most important rule of brand contests: you should never give away a prize that is not connected to your company or product in some way. The main point of contests is to gain more customers, so you want to get people who are interested in your product eager to participate – not those who just want that new iPhone you’re giving away as a prize.

Your brand’s service or a gift package with your products

This prize idea is pretty straightforward and it works quite well too. The downside of giving away your product as a gift is that this giveaway will mostly attract people who already know about your brand and either have tried your products or want to try them, so your reach is limited. Since you’re running an exciting contest, try to spice things up when it comes to the gift – maybe assemble a unique gift package of your best sellers as a gift or customize it in some way.

A gift card

This is a great competition prize idea for adults especially if you sell a variety of different products since not everyone might like the gift if you only pick one item to give away. By giving the winner store credit or a gift card to your store you give everyone an opportunity to pick something they will love.

Accessories to a more expensive product

If you sell products that are generally quite expensive, suck as laptops or cameras, you can turn accessories to these devices into cool giveaway prizes. For instance, you can give away a laptop bag, a set of stickers, a keyboard cover, a mouse and an external hard drive to the winner. Once the person has all the accessories, they will be all the more compelled to buy a laptop from you – a win-win for both parties.

VIP services

Giving VIP treatment as a contest prize is a great idea if you want to give away prizes to several people but don’t want to spend too much money on them. Plus, a gift like this is a great way to build loyalty. For example, if you run a spa, you can offer the winner free VIP treatment for a year and a free massage. This way every time they want to come in they will get priority booking and cancellation terms, free juice/snacks and whatever else you would like to offer. This can work for any other business too!

Limited-edition collections with a unique theme

If your brand sells a physical product it can be very easy for you to come up with unique themes centered around holidays or other major events. For instance, if you operate in an area famous for cherry blossoms, such as Washington DC, or avocados, for example, you can create a limited-edition collection of your products with the corresponding these and then give away a few of those themed sets to promote it.

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