3 best search engine optimization (SEO) forums

Whether you are an aspiring web master, an owner of a new website or an employee tasked with improving online sales, search engine optimization or SEO is something you need to know a lot about. After all, having a good search engine optimization strategy for the website is the key to getting your site to show up at the top of the search results on Google or any other search engine. And the higher your website shows up, the more people will see it, which means you will get more customers that will buy products or viewers who will bring your ad revenues up. Of course, you can hire a SEO expert to help you. But if you don’t have much money in the budget or have some questions you would like answered, SEO forums are a great place to get answers. Here are our top choices:

Warrior Forum – the most popular SEO forum

No list would be complete without Warrior Forum. Having been around for more than 20 years, this forum is the most popular platform for anyone involved with online marketing. Here you can get information and help not only on SEO topics, but also on social media, different types of marketing, ways to make money online and more. There are sections of the forum for people who are new to SEO and for experts. You can read through long threads on virtually any SEO topic or ask a question and get an expert answer in hours.

Google Webmaster Central Help

The awesome part about this forum is that you actually get answers to your questions from current Google employees, so the information you get is always accurate. There’s a huge database of questions with answers already on the site, so you can search and get the answer to most of your questions without any wait. If you do post a question on this forum, your website name will be displayed in the post, so if you want to hide the name for some reason you can simply use a link shortener. Lastly, this forum is available in a variety of languages including Chinese, Russian, Hindu, Japanese and more.

V7N Webmaster Forum

V7N Webmaster Forum is not exclusive to SEO discussions, here you can also find information about online marketing, internet business strategies, web design and development and, of course, SEO. You will need to register if you want to post questions on this forum, but the process is very quick. Once you have an account you will even be able to send direct messages to other users, which can help you with networking and building professional connections.

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