How does self-serve DSP platforms work?

How does self-serve DSP platforms work?

When we talk about self-serve platform it can be compared with a restaurant, but not a typical one. It would be the place where you cook whatever you like and as much as you need. They offer you inventory and space, at the end you pay some fee for using the equipment.

In the same manner advertisers are offered all the options possible: choice and allocation of resources, campaigns management and targeting options. Self-serve work makes it possible to launch as many campaigns as you may need.Any amendments are possible during at any moment.

Strawberries are tasty, but they are the best with cream

The point is that the idea is so convenient and it is an often case when one good idea is combined by another one to have brilliant synergia. Programmatic approach is very popular nowadays and both these trends were combined.

As a result, we have not only complete control under campaigns, but its management in combination with all functions of automatic buying on DSP platform. Your brand effectivity can be easily improved by using different type of ads, including the most popular ones: video, mobile, banner and display.

Main features of self-serve DSP platforms

    • – Big focus on brand security. It is probably one of the most dangerous things in the campaigns, so it is a sign of a good platform to do its best. All fraud traffic and any malicious activity is immediately checked and a trespasser is to be blocked.
    • – Clear system of reporting. As the main concept of programmatic is to make ads personalised, the advertisers have a full set of tools to see how each cent was spent and you can track any impression. Everyone should know what he pays for.
    • – Direct targeting tools. Your message should be delivered to the right people and at the right time.Your necessary audience can be found by various demographics: type of the device, location, browser, search requests and many others.
  • – Technical support round-the-clock. Although the system is designed for self-serve operations, it would be nice to have somebody to ask, as knowledge base may not be so useful when you need a solution asap.

Have you already tried any self-serve platforms? What are your impressions?

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