Self-serve platforms definition

Self-serve platforms definition

If you have just gained a sufficient audience from your website or blog, you may start thinking about making some money from posting ads on it. If you start searching advertisers by yourself it will take a lot of time, money and efforts to hush up all the mess, so you may finally give up on it. It is time consuming even for one business partner, but the situation will get more complicated if there are 2-5 of them and all they live in different locations and time-zones.

One should understand, that if we talk about big companies, you will not deal with the director itself, but a sales representative, what adds some cost to your campaign. It is high time for self-advertising to come to the stage.

Self-serve platforms definition

To say it simply, it is a place where publishers and advertisers meet. The terms, prices and other conditions of ads posting and publishing are announced and what you should do is to start your campaign. You don’t have to contact other party for discussing the details. As a result, you have the whole process simplified and for lower costs.

Self-serve ads give more freedom to advertisers.

• Advertisers can set exact targeting options to find necessary audience.
• If you have just started your campaign, you will certainly need to test which tricks will work and what never to use. Here you can do it with minimum risk.
• You get control of the whole event and add changes at any moment you feel something is wrong.
• Detailed reports reveal the whole picture in real time, you will see each cent spent or earned and what for.

Variety – is a main feature of current century it is also true for digital advertising world. Self advertising may not be a perfect solution, but it certainly deserves being tested.

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