Top best Upwork alternatives for finding freelancers

Freelancer is a very popular type of life. Of course, they are very demanded. But there is a problem. Freelancers use different resources to find job for themselves. The most popular one is Upwork. Despite being the most popular place for searching freelancers, nowadays, it is beginning to be more and more complicated to find the needed employees. This problem is mutual sided. Because of the large number of freelancers, new members of Upwork are struggling to be accepted because the exchange thinks, that your skills are not needed. So, in conclusion, many new freelancers are struggling to get the new job, and the website is losing its potential because of the absence of the incoming fresh blood.

For this reason, we’ve decided to create a list of the best alternatives for finding freelancers.


This exchange is a little bit known in Youtube blogging culture. Fiverr is a bit different from other exchanges.  Here, customers do not publish projects, but rather. Contractors are sellers of their services. They create and publish services, after which customers choose what they like. Freelancers do not need to constantly apply for projects and monitor them; filling out a profile is also less important.


This is the second-biggest website for freelancers. It is a great alternative, because it proposes all the Upwork’s functions, but without its problems. The interface is not very beautiful, but it’s not the most important thing here. The website is very friendly for small businesses and employers. Posting your project is extremely easy. After the project is posted, freelancers will be bidding for it. You will be able to check their portfolio, or even reach them in real life, or talk in Skype.


This is also a very popular website, but with a unique possibility – geotargeting. This allows you to find the freelancer that is nearby, which can really simplify the whole process. Also, if you create an account, you can use it both as an employer and as a freelancer. All payments are secured with their systems Escrow and PeoplePerHour Wallet.


This website is an Oxford for freelancers. As the owners of the website say, only 3% from the whole number pass the examination from this website. This factor makes Toptal a really elite place for employers. If you are a freelancer, signing up will not end for you after you fill up the registration form. You’ll have to go through a Skype conversation with the website worker, you’ll have to confirm your English and coding knowledge. Finally, you will need to create a test project. Only after that, you’ll be able to use this website as a place of your work. However, it will be totally worth it.

99 designs

This platform is created only for designers. However, there are lots of designing directions like Web design, UX design etc. The whole working process is a competition: employers creates an order, many designers suggest their options, and after several stages, employer chooses the winner and gives him money.

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