The best traffic exchange software and how to use it

What is traffic exchange?

Traffic exchange is a very simple concept that allows you to earn traffic for your website by browsing other websites. For instance, you would usually create an account at a traffic exchange site. You will then get a list of websites that you can visit. The platform usually has a certain time limit, for example, you need to browse a website for 15 seconds before you can leave. Once you view the site for that amount of time, you will get a credit to your account. The credit ratio is important, for example, if it’s 1:1, you will get 1 visitor to your site for each site you browse. The higher the ratio, the better it is for you. And that’s it – you just need to browse websites and wait for the traffic exchange platform to send viewers your way. Many traffic exchange websites have other ways of earning traffic. For example, you can buy traffic with actual money, enter contests and sweepstakes for traffic and more. Everyone on these platforms wants their traffic to come from real people, so bots are strictly prohibited.

The dangers of using traffic exchange platforms

One downside of traffic exchange is that you’re only getting traffic, not much more. The people who will browse your website won’t make purchases or sign up for services, they, just like you, are simply looking to gain traffic for their website as fast as possible.

Another danger of traffic exchanges is that they might impact your marketing revenue in a negative way. Many ad platforms actually ban traffic exchanges, you need to read user agreements carefully. Another thing to keep in mind is backlinks: if your traffic exchange encourages them, it might hurt your website more than it benefits it.

The best traffic exchange platforms


Experts often regard this traffic exchange program as one of the best platforms out there when it comes to manual traffic exchange. You only need to spend 15 seconds on each website and the platform offers the perfect 1:1 ratio. There’s also an option to exchange the credits you gain for money.

Legacy Hits

The down side of this platform is its low traffic ratio of only .3 – you need to visit 10 websites to get 3 people to view your site. But don’t worry – the longer you spend on visiting sites in one session, the better the ratio will get. On the other hand, the timer is only 5 seconds.

Tezak Traffic

This traffic exchange tool has great referral programs that allow you to make some money and get more traffic. The timer is 8 seconds and the ratio is .4 seconds, which is not great.


If you love to ad a bit of gambling to your everyday love, try out HitLink. This platform has lots of fun contests that allow you to win money or traffic. They have a 4-second timer and a 1:1 ratio, making this a great choice for traffic exchange all around.

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