Should I use bots for automated Craigslist posting?

Using bots on Craigslist

Automation can be encouraged or strictly prohibited in some cases. Craigslist is the example of how any bot-like activity is not welcomed on the website. They have even sued or punished many people for using automation on their website. In other cases bot activity might be allowed with the previous permission from the website. Sometimes this can happen on limited terms and bot activities will be filtered as on Facebook. However, it’s not the case on Craigslist, where it’s not only strictly prohibited but also very hard to exploit any bot activity. You will need to bypass all their security, which is a horrendous process. If you’re caught you will suffer several consequences such as being blocked, tagged as a spammer, or even be blacklisted. Do you really need a bot that much?

If your answer is yes, you might want to consider using third party services, as there are some companies that can perform the social media activities for you and if they get blocked – it’s their account, not yours. However, it’s not fully safe and Craigslist will eventually find you to deliver your “punishment”.

So what are your options then? A great alternative would be to actually hire some human resources to develop your Craigslist account for you or do it yourself.

How to create a good Craigslist post without bots?

Here are a few tricks to make your Craigslist post stand out:

  • make each post different
  • use no more than one image and make it compelling and engaging
  • keep your posts simple and easy to perceive – people need to understand what they are getting
  • make them informative
  • list all the details such as your location and contacts
  • list your phone number or email instead of the website address to avoid getting your website blocked
  • set post targeting

find a social media manager to do this work for you – there are lots of freelancers that can write good posts for you, create targeting lists, and update your profile regularly, but be sure to make your expectations clear and maybe even provide some templates. You might also want to monitor their work frequently at least in the beginning. This will not be expensive but will definitely be worth it.

Reposting on Craigslist

Keep in mind that you will need to regularly refresh your posts to keep them at the top. There are so many new post each day that to keep yours visible you will need to repost it at least daily.

On top of that you need to analyze your statistics from time to time. Which of your posts are doing well and why? Which cities are working for you better than the others? Change the templates then. And if any of your posts are getting flagged – take actions, because this might result in all your information getting flagged as spam.

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