Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers

Although video ads have just recently appeared in our lives, they proved to be very effective. So if you want a substantial boost in revenue, video ads are for you, regardless if you are a publisher or an advertiser. They can be supplemented with banned ads and native ads if you feel like that can improve the effect in your case. Video ads are relatively cheap thus, popular among internet users.

The best way to start using video ads as your website monetization source is to turn to a video ads network. It works for both mobile and desktop traffic and can provide you with an additional source of income for your site.

When choosing a good video ad network it’s important to consider a couple of factors. First of all, a good video ad network will give you a lot of targeting options. Secondly, it should be able to deliver videos on all types of devices. Thirdly, you would need to check out the the clients list of the network to determine if they will help you. Also good network will give you statistics and analysis. So here is the list of best video ad networks you should consider using.

Google AdSense for YouTube

To be able to monetize your YouTube videos you need to meet a couple YouTube Partner Program requirements. You need to have over 10k views and your videos have to be advertiser-friendly.


Chocolate is a recognized leader in VDO mobile format. It offers a programmatic platform which integrates all the aspects together, letting you plan, buy and analyze mobile video ad campaigns. A lot of global brands such as Coca Cola, Ford, Intel and others choose to use Chocolate.

Google ADX

The Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Service helps you manage many monetization sources for online advertisements. It allows you to increase your revenue by giving access to every major demand source. It’s integrated with DoubleClick for Publishers that provides multiple selling options and built-in-optimization.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads offers you nice and high CPM Rates and is great for advertisers to serve up their ads across multiple channels. It’s great with delivering optimized ads to make them the most effective. The platform offers various ad formats, including banned ads and pop-under ads. It doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements and offers a 100% inventory monetization.

UnderTone Ad Network

UnderTone was one of the first video ad networks. It doesn’t have any restrictions and can be easily configured. The platform offers high-impact ad formats, 100-%-1500% CPM rates, CPA, CPM, CPC, and CPV model of advertising but requires a minimum of 500,000 traffic.


HaxHax offers a range of display mediums and payment models. It offers a sophisticated reporting, worldwide traffic, auto-invoicing system, multi-screen and servicing, and much more. You will have to have a traffic of 500,000 to meet the requirements.

There are so many others great video ad networks you can choose to use, here are just some good examples you can choose among.

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