How long do you have to watch a YouTube video for it to count as a view?

What counts as a YouTube view? Official policy:

Different platforms that post videos count the views differently. Some Facebook videos got more views than YouTube ones because Facebook counts unintentional views when people are just scrolling past them with an autoplay enabled. On YouTube the view has to be much more intentional. Now let’s look at the YouTube views policy.

YouTube is the oldest and the biggest video host platform, which has tons of content for every possible search. Counting views is important for YouTube as it ties into the recommendation engine and the perceived influence of a video.

So what counts as an actual view on YouTube? The all the information the platform has given its users is, unsurprisingly, very vague. Essentially, they say that they constantly audit video views and view counts to determine which views are legitimate and meet their quality standards and which are not, so the view count can go up, down or freeze depending on how the audit is going and how often views are audited on a specific video.

You may often find a YouTube video stuck at 301 views, this is because when you hit 300 views the platform will freeze the view count and perform an automatic audit. It will count some views and delete the bad ones, that’s why the view count will rise and fall regardless of the traffic.

What Counts as a View on Youtube?

To be counted as a viewer you need to watch a video for a full 30 seconds. What if the viewer watches three 10 seconds fragments? Sometimes YouTube will count it, sometimes it will not. For videos under 30 seconds YouTube counts the views that are certainly not from bots, you also can’t monetize them through AdSense. However, to prevent spamming and feuds, YouTube will stop counting your views from the same IP address at a certain point. It has a special algorithm to predict bot actions, so the platform doesn’t count them as valid activity. There are lots of platforms that sell views to promote your video. However, be careful, as YouTube carefully checks for any spamming or automatized activity.

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