5 best website traffic generation software programs

Effective traffic generation with FFANET

Unlike other websites on this list, this platform does not generate traffic automatically by using bots. Instead, it is an email list network that has been around for ages. It works independently from Google and search engine parameters, taking off some of the burden when it comes to content marketing requirements. FFANET platform has hundreds of useful tools that can help you optimize your marketing emails and landing page of your website to make it easy to generate leads. For instance, this site allows you to test up to 100 different versions of a web page at the same time to determine what works best, plus, it offers heat maps and Google Analytics data to help you generate traffic.

Pro Builder Plus website auto traffic generator

This platform is a traffic generator tool that has some multi-level marketing features embedded in the system. Don’t worry though, this platform does not pose any dangers associated with traditional MLMs. You can sign up as somebody’s referral or simply on your own, pay a monthly fee and use traffic generation software provided by the website. You can also refer other members of you want and get pretty significant commissions from their subscriptions and subscriptions of those they refer.

Monster Traffic – free web traffic generator

While Monster Exchange can seem suspicious to many people due to its dated design, it is a great free traffic generator tool. The way it works is simple: you sign up and add a link to your website to a list. This list is sent out to everyone on the emailing list, including yourself, therefore generating traffic. There are both free and paid membership options, the paid one costs 10 dollars per month. You can give someone your referral link and if they sign up you will get a year of premium membership, which is a great value for referring just one person.

TrafficWave traffic manager

This platform is not a classic traffic exchange website, instead, it allows you to make the best of the traffic you already receive. The website offers elaborate software for creating auto responses to emails. The service is paid but you can try it out for free for the first 30 days.

One Million Clicks traffic generator tool

One Million Clicks is a platform that generates fake traffic automatically. This traffic is indeed face, so you can’t use it to make money through referrals but you may be able to make some cash from pay per view ads. You can also use this platform to test your server’s stress-resistance or evaluate how well the analytics work on your website.

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