What is a VSL?

What is a VSL?

VSL stands for video sales letter. Simply put, it is a video that is created to sell you something. These are different from regular commercials, as VSLs are usually produced by a member of an affiliate program with the goal of selling you the product or service so that person can get their commission. Video sales letter examples are most often found on landing pages.

Do VSLs work?

VSL marketing is a great tool to make money and grow your sales if you’re willing to put the time and effort necessary to produce a good video sales letter. The truth is, videos, including video sales letters, have very high conversion rates, which is why virtually every brand uses them in their marketing in some way. But when it comes to video sales letters, they don’t have a great reputation as they are often used to sell low-quality products or are used together with shady marketing and sales tricks.

What do VSLs look like?

We’ve already established that VSLs are usually found on squeeze pages. They are usually medium-length videos anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes long, although if you decide to make a VSL, aim for a length between 5 and 10 minutes, as it is enough to persuade the person to buy your product but not too long, so they won’t get bored and turn off the video.

Almost every video sales letter starts out with the person making the video establishing their authority in the field. This normally involves the person talking about how long they have been using the product they are trying to sell you, how well it worked for them and how it changed their life. For instance, if the person is trying to sell you a diet and fitness program, they might talk about how overweight and unhealthy they were before joining the program and how much weight they lost after joining. They may also mention how after that they have become a famous personal trainer or a health guru. This part of the video can also include some name-dropping about famous and successful people who have created the program or bought the products. Next, the person will tell you about the offer, which is often a limited-time sale or a limited-edition product, and give instructions on how you can claim it.

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