What is Programmatic? Programmatic definition

What is Programmatic? Programmatic definition

Nowadays we are overloaded by different hot words in all spheres, in marketing it becomes more often arising question “WTF is programmatic?”. In our article we will get the facts straight and tell why you should look at it more precisely and implement asap.

Programmatic definition

There are so many of them and each will be correct. To say it simply, programmatic excludes human interaction and organizes automated ads buying and displays for each particular user personally. There different targeting methods used for it like type of the device, location, age, previously opened pages etc.

Programmatic media buyers enjoy process of launching and running campaigns as all the job is performed by special scripts, making everything less time consuming and more efficient.

Will programmatic advertising platforms push out people?

This statement is half true. People still need to polish current systems, optimize and check their work. However, programmatic is cheaper than traditional platforms, thus opens the world of ads for small businesses as well.

One more merit is that automated system doesn’t need a vacation, time for coffee break or made miscalculation because of talk with colleague. The whole process of buying, bidding and displaying takes only the time while a page is loaded, have you ever met anybody who can make arrangement with all participants?

Programmatic media buying works alongside with traditional advertising platforms. In the hand, the competition between is quite high, as there are those who are very reluctant about new tricks and those who want to skim the cream off what technologies may offer. In a result, we have some kind of mix when both approaches come by something from each other. It is up to you what to choose, but it will be more beneficial to use programmatic in the field where all your competitors haven’t tried it yet.

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