What is retargeting

What is retargeting

In a perfect world people come to your website, choose necessary services and fill in an order form. However, life is a bit more complicated. People come to your website, search for the products they may be interested in, even add them to the cart and suddenly disappear. It is very important to stay in contact with your customer at that moment and here we come to retargeting services.

If you have ever been in the situation above and mentioned that the goods you have chosen now are shown in other browsers altogether with the ads – here you are, now you know on practice how the whole scheme works.

How does search retargeting work?

On of ads best practices is a pixel-based model. A website you have entered may be in some sense injected with little script, so-called “pixel” that inserts into your browser and informs retargeting platforms about your leaving and that you will need to be shown some specific ads reminding your visit to the very website.

There are also followers of list-based retargeting. It makes the process of advertising personalized as the platform sends specific ads only to those who were in the list. For example, Facebook has you email and you receive some ads if your contact data wa loaded into the campaign.

Common sense of retargeting

First and foremost, it works on brand awareness. Sad, but true, you should be really unique for the client to remember you and complete the order in a week. And while you “sit and wait” your competitors will not disdain to steal the ball. While retargeting helps to remind about you and, probably, offer a good discount if the client completes the order today.

If you are not here at crucial moment in customer’s journey, there will be somebody else who will. Retargeting do this task brilliantly, your next task is to attract the clients, to show how your service fits best of all and get loyal customers as a result.

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