What is a pop-under ad and how to use it

Read about pop-under ads and the efficient ways to make them non-aggressive and profitable

Pop-under adverts are one of the ways of modern promotion. Pop-under traffic proved to be significant compared to other advert types (such as banners). The majority of advertisers claim that it is the best investment for the achievement of high CTR and visibility.

What’s a pop-under ad?

Pop-under adverts are one of the visual advertising formats, which are used on digital space. Compared to other variations of display ads, they are more efficient because the users cannot ignore them. Such adverts appear right behind the content you see on a definite online resource. As a result, the users notice them whether they want it or not. Even if they are not interested, they will view your ad in order to find how to close it. Thus, your offer will stay in their memory subconsciously. Speaking more technically, pop-under looks like a window, which appears behind the browser window of a definite site, which a user is currently visiting.

Besides, statistical data shows that more users click on pop-unders than on any other type of advert. Sometimes they do it on purpose, while there are situations when they click unintentionally with the accidental clicks. Anyway, the users are redirected to the advertiser’s website, which proves that pop-under traffic is significant.

In comparison with pop-up adverts, which appear above the other browser windows, pop-unders are not aggressive or disrupting at all. Thus, the materials do not disturb the users and have minimal influence on their experience on a certain webpage.

An advertising strategy

As we have already mentioned, it is important to know how to use pop-unders in the right way to achieve the desired goals. Consider the following tips:

1. Leads generation. If you want to reach such a purpose with pop-under adverts, you can use various means, for example:

  • – redirection, which leads to the webpage with your offer
  • – a pre-lander (it is a special webpage, which the visitors see before a landing page. It does not usually have any forms to fill. In most cases, it contains a call-to-action and something interesting for the users).

2. The attraction of attention. It is advisable to create memorable advertising materials, which are bright and capturing. In this case, visitors will remember them and more likely to fulfill the required action.

3. Try several platforms in order to find an appropriate advert network. It is also vital to consider the services’ availability and efficiency.

4. Targeting options. Doesn’t matter, which platform you choose to apply. It is essential to think about your target audience. Think about the following criteria:

  • – location
  • – browsing behavior
  • – used OS
  • – type of used gadget
  • – browser type
  • – language
  • – IP zones
  • – age, etc.

There can be other targeting features, which are important, depending on the type of your product or service.

5. Ads schedule. It is important to select the right time and days for advert demonstrations. Note that there are periods of low traffic. Optimize a schedule to achieve productivity and save money.

Popular problems

Sometimes it happens that pop-unders stop bringing you traffic. First thing you need to do is to check an account balance. If everything is all right, then try to check other options:

  • – an advert campaign status
  • – the budget settings you selected.

It might happen that your daily budget is reached. In this case, your advert will be displayed again the next day.

Do not forget that when you reach a budget for a definite campaign, the adverts will not be displayed anymore (until you re-launch a campaign or increase the funds’ limits for a campaign). Advertisers can also select good and bad zones of placements depending on the traffic attraction. Do not avoid tracking the results of your pop-under advert campaign to make sure it is effective and brings money/customers. If definite zones do not correspond to the performance targets, it is possible to block them whenever you like. It is recommended to add zones with a positive ROI rate to a white list.

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