Top YouTube promotional services that really work

There are so many successful YouTube channels out there that it seems like its fairly easy to get a channel with thousands of viewers. After all, you see small channels go viral every day, so it seems like if you produce good content your channel will inevitably end up among the most popular YouTube accounts. Unfortunately, the reality is not always that exciting and most channels will never reach a significant number of viewers even if the content is good. This is where YouTube promotional services come in. If you are really dedicated to your YouTube channel and willing to put some money into it, you can definitely help your channel gain traction. You can also choose the path or mercilessly promoting each video you upload on every social media but you will be running the risk of annoying your friends and family. Here are some YouTube channel promotion sites you can try.

Promote your YouTube channel on social media

Social media is still one of the best places for promoting your YouTube channel. Now, we’re not talking about spamming to your friends and family here. Instead, try buying some targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. For instance, if your channel has some DIY tutorials for people who enjoy home improvement projects or crafts, Pinterest will be a great advertising platform for you. If you make videos about fashion, style, make up or travel, advertising on Instagram will be a great bet. Facebook is very universal in this regard, so videos on pretty much any topic will work.

Traditional ad networks for YouTube promotion


Outbrain is considered to be one of the more luxurious advertising networks, so you can expect a high end experience, This network uses native ads, which means that ads are presented in a way that they are not distinguishable from actual content. For instance, if you are advertising a video about animals, the ad will be posted in an article on a similar topic. This type of advertisement is highly effective.


This YouTube promotion platform is very similar to Outbrain in a way it operates and the results you can expect to get. The only real difference is the selection of sites they work with, so if you like your results with Outbrain, for example, but you want to expand your reach, you can try advertising with Taboola too.


BrigtRoll is a YouTube promotion platform popular with many large corporate clients but if you can afford their fees you won’t be turned away. All the websites where your ads will be published will have more than 3 million visitors per month, so you can get on some prestigious sites.

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